Mucho hectivity at Gottle HQ – but before I get on to that, let me point you to this fantastic version of John Miles – complete with orchestra and chorus – singing “Music” wot I found on YouTube: here. Those who are into such things should look out for the neat way the oboe is miked round about 5:23, and for the rather nice lady lead violin who appears several times between four and five minutes :-) . Oh, and should any of the ham-fisted monkeys who mix the BBC sound on “Last Night of the Proms” be reading this – listen and learn because that’s the right way to mix an orchestra and audience – i.e. so you can still hear the musicians.

And does anyone else think the conductor looks a bit like SimonG?

Anyway, up early this morning ‘cos I had loads to do, and my luvvly Mum wanted me to take her shopping. It was only once I was up and breakfasted that she told me she’d changed her mind about Sainsbo’s. So today I achieved:

  • Sorting out the caravan – well, a bit anyway. A job that’s been outstanding since New Wine
  • Most of the packing for the Lake District cachepedition – including charging batteries and sorting gadgets
  • Organising the stuff I need for tomorrow’s Raynet – there’s still a bit outstanding at the time of writing, I’ll be off and do that in a minute
  • A bit of clearing in the shed – it wasn’t on today’s list but I had to do it to find some of the things I needed for the other tasks
  • Booking a rental minibus for the HBA conference, and buying some train tickets
  • Making fudge for the cachepedition (and some for my diet buddy)
  • and…

  • Joined a new gym with my diet buddy!

I think that’s enough for today.

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