Exciting Weekend

Well I’ve had a pretty fabby weekend: flying to Newcastle (followed by the Metro to Sunderland) included a plane that had a persistent warning light in the cockpit (until an engineer came and took the bulb out), and a rail-replacement bus due to flooded Metro. Then there were rather more bacon butties than were good for me (as my diet buddy was quick to point out), and a stay in a characterful guest house.

Then there was the party :-) . Fab – ’nuff said!

Today’s major event was the flight home being delayed by 2½ hours because the plane was still in Outer Mongolia at the time we should’ve been taking off – which led to us having lunch in a diner in the departure lounge. Which led to someone at a table near me having an allergic reaction because of a meal that wasn’t labelled as containing walnut – much ensuing drama, but all’s well that ends well, and the lady was OK.

Then we eventually flew home, paid an exorbitant amount for a taxi from the airport, and now I’m about to head for beddybyes.

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