He’s from Cataluņa

I saw something stranger than usual at Waterloo this morning. There were two blokes – or perhaps I should say “hombres” – on the concourse, dressed as matadors and handing out leaflets advertising “Shopping in Madrid”.

I guess it may be a “man” thing – but I live in Southampton. Within a ten-minute bus ride of my house there’s more shops than a sane person would want to visit in a lifetime, yet I know people who travel to other cities just to go shopping – in exactly the same shops they’ve got within minutes of home. I can understand that people who live in some rural outpost like Much-Thrutching-on-the-Bog would need to travel to the Big City to find a branch of Mungo’s, but why do people go to other places when they’ve got the same shops at home? OK, I know I’ve done Christmas shopping at the Meadowhall, but that’s more about sharing the misery with some convivial company than anything else.

So to return to my original point – why would someone who lives within a train ride of London be interested in shopping in Madrid?

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