I had a “jolly” out of the office today.

With m’colleagues Tweedledum and Tweedledee, I had to go and visit a location in North London. Tweedledum had decreed that it was within walking distance of the office: Tweedledee wanted to take a taxi, and moaned and griped all the way there. And I was wearing my work shoes which aren’t ideal for walking so now I’ve got a nice blister on my big toe :-( . It reminded me a bit of the time when I was in St John Ambulance and supervised the old people’s outings, only without the bingo. Or the stop at the pub on the way home.

My mood wasn’t improved by the fact that we passed close to three geocaches on the way, but needing to keep an eye on the Bickering Brothers I couldn’t go and look for them. And we were gone so long, by the time we got back to the office I was an hour and a half late for lunch – which isn’t a very diabetic-friendly thing to do.

Luckily the three of us are good mates, so the banter saw us through :-) .

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