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If you’ve not already read it, go and have a look at this post on Rockin’ Rob’s blog.

He’s writing about the harm that can be done – to friendships and sanity – if people take blog entries too literally. In the time that I’ve been blogging, I’ve time shifted stuff, changed names and otherwise disguised things, without actually changing the truth of anything. Most people only tell the bits of the story that make it funny, or poignant or whatever, or change some details to protect people who don’t want to be written about1.

Hopefully no-one will be too surprised to discover that the shops around where I work aren’t really owned by Mungo: Because of who I work for, I have to maintain confidentiality, and if I blogged the real names of the shops, it would be pretty easy to work out where I am. Other people, for their own reasons, disguise what they actually do for a living – either because they don’t want people pestering them for jelly-making assistance, or so that anyone at work stumbling across their blog won’t recognise them.

I’ve got something pretty major going on in my life at the moment, and if you’re reading between the lines you might have a good idea what it is: If you’ve seen my Facebook profile you might have put two and two together, as Jannypoos did. I’m sure I’ll blog more details one day, but there’s someone else involved and they have their own reasons for maintaining confidentiality at the moment. And those who need to know, do :-)

I can’t say it better than Rob did: Blogs are an individual’s shop window, and only contain what the blogger wants to be on show. So don’t be surprised if they don’t match what you know about the blogger’s life!

1 Bad preposition there

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