Coming Clean and Getting Muddy

Having mentioned low-fat food in yesterday’s blog about sushi, I ought to admit what started m’colleague Leigh and I talking about low fat food. I’m acting as a diet buddy for a chum of mine (in fact, we’re on to competitive dieting – which ought to be easy as I’ve got about a stone more to lose). So there we are – I weighed myself last weekend and I weighed myself today – no change, but I do know it’s sometimes a slow start when you start trying to lose. We’ll see.

In other news, I got very muddy when I went caching today. I did
Sloden Pottery
with a couple of chums: The last hundred yards or so were a bit gloopy, but the main reason for the getting-muddy was the propensity of the younger chum to jump in puddles all the time :-) Still, it was a nice afternoon out and we walked three miles…that’s got to account for a few calories surely?

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