Regular readers will know that I’m always ready for a new food experience, so today, on the encouragement of m’colleague Leigh, I set out to try sushi.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, sushi isn’t raw fish, in the same way that curry isn’t vindaloo. It’s mainly rice-based, and CAN include raw fish, but can be lots of other things, including poultry or vegetarian (I mentioned that just for Fred!). And it’s about the lowest-fat food style there is.

So what did I think? The jury is stlll out. There are as many different items on a sushi menu as at a chinese restaurant, so to judge a whole food group on one visit doesn’t really work. I enjoyed what I ate, although I won’t be as heavy-handed with the soy sauce next time, and it was certainly filling. The price means it’ll only be a once-a-week treat anyway, but I’ll definitely go again, and try something different next time.

“Wasabi”, by the way, is Japanese horseradish sauce, and blows the back of your head off.

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