My fingers have gone some very funny colours.

It’s OK, I haven’t gone mouldy or anything, and I’m not turning into Cosmo Lavish – it’s food colouring from a recent catering experiment. I can’t tell you much more than that, as there’s an outside chance that someone’s reading this who needs to be surprised by it – but photos have been taken and will pop up here in due course. Let’s just say it’s amazing what can be achieved with coconut ice :-) . And it’s amazing how much washing and scrubbing will fail to remove food colouring from fingers – not to mention the saucer I used to mix the blue and yellow (I didn’t have any green): I’ve washed that three times and it’s still manky.

In other news, my knee is still stiff and sore, although I can walk on it OK. Tomorrow’s rant will expand on that theme :-)

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