I bought a tumble drier today.

I know that’s not the sort of thing that most people do on holiday, but then most people don’t spend their two-week summer break working on a volunteer medical team, so we’re starting from a rather odd base line. We bought a washing machine for the medical centre last year, so this year we decided that a tumble drier would be a useful addition – so m’colleague Annie and I, after surfing t’internet, headed for Currys in Yeovil.

For reference, should anyone need the information in the future, an Indesit IS70C tumble drier is exactly the right size to go in the back of a Gruntmobile.

I also headed back to the cache I failed to find the other day, this time armed with the clue. I found the plot OK, and plenty of evidence that either people or animals had been digging there, but no cache. Ah well, there’ll be others :-) .

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