Today’s New Wine preparation tasks were:

  • Buying enough stamps for all the postcards I plan to send
  • Some clothes packing…at last
  • Packing most of the gadget box

Thanks to previous commenters…um, thanks Peter H, I think that was a compliment! And yes Sarah, it’s New Wine at the Bath + West Showground I’m off to. And to the Laird of New Haw…you are who you are, Henry, and if it’s meant to be it’ll happen.

Anyway…today’s question. You can buy packets of chocolate buttons, right? Ditto with peanuts in chocolate and Malteasers – in fact, as I discovered at the MonsterMeet on Saturday, you can buy a whole Malteaser-based ice cream dessert.

So why is the orangey one in a pack of Revels not purchase-able on its own? And as a supplementary question, why do you only get one or two orangey ones in a pack of Revels?

I can feel a letter to Mars Customer Care coming on.

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