Today’s New Wine preparation tasks were:

  • Checking water on Grunty (washer bottles and radiator)
  • Checking oil on Grunty (engine and transmission)
  • Checking tyre pressures on Grunty (I did the caravan at the weekend and I’ll do it again before going on Friday)
  • Putting driving docs (licence, insurance, MOT and V5) in the holiday file

Not many people do this latter, and I’m a bit surprised: The reason I do it is that if I had a contact with the Police on the way down (which could just mean someone reversing into me in a car park), I’d have to produce my driving docs at a Police station within nine days. If I didn’t have them with me, I’d have to come all the way home just to find them. So it’d be madness not to have them with me :-)

I’ve also made the list of things that have to be packed in the gadget box. Now I just need to find a big enough box.

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