Yesterday’s main event was the Milk Monster Meet – the Family Monster are back in the YooKay for a few weeks, and had graciously granted an audience to those of their loyal fans who were able to make it to a pub near Shedfield. In attendance were Fluffy, Omally, Mr Hedgehog, the Eltent family and of course the Monsters: A fab time was had by all, and Helena managed to prove that sometimes there is a camera to hand just when you need one:

Then on the way home I stopped at a couple of caravan showrooms – just checking the market to see what’s available at the moment – and a geocache, Thornhill Cache ‘n Dash.

Today had church, followed by visiting a friend to provide geocaching advice, drink tea and eat chocklit biscuits. Another nice weekend – ooh, and todays New Wine preparation was folding the caravan and checking the noseweight.

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