Yesterday was fun :-)

We had a get-together of loads of Health and Safety people from various bits of the public sector. We talked about various H+S subjects, and ate and drank rather well at the taxpayers’ expense (thanks taxpayers!) (but no alcohol needless to say, this being a daytime work event). We met at the Cabinet Office in Whitehall which was top-notch swish, although next time I’m inclined to complain about tourists on the train, I’ll remember the experience of trying to walk along Whitehall past Horseguards and the end of Downing Street.

When I was a kid, you could walk up Downing Street and stand outside the Prime Minister’s front door: now it’s guarded by armed policemen, iron railings and five layers of Australian students :-(

Still, I managed a cache on the way home, The Palace of Westminster – only a virtual cache but they all count :-)

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