I lost my driving licence :-(

Not as a result of a car-crime-related incident – that would be a bit ironic, wouldn’t it – but as a result of a forgetting-where-I’d-left-it incident. Luckily I found it again, but not before a couple of late-night hours of blind panic. It was in the “important documents” box – well who’da thought it, eh?

I was looking for it because I needed to produce it for something at work: having located it I passed it to Helen in the HR department:

“This is no good on its own, I need to see the photocard as well”

“There isn’t a photocard, that’s it”

“What do you mean? Of course there’s a photocard”

“No, that’s an old-style paper-only licence”

I work with people who’re too young to have seen a paper-only driving licence before. Sob.

Oh, and incidentally Hutters – I wasn’t ignoring your “spike” comment: I’ve seen it before (although I can’t remember where) and the theory it’s based on is sound. I’ll discuss it in a future episode ;-) . And “shared space” – which again, I’m familiar with – is an interesting concept, but I’m not sure British roads are ready for it.

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