Book Review: Deric

No, not Derek…Deric.

I first came across Deric Longden’s work rather a lot of years ago: He was the guest speaker at a Hospital Radio conference, and spoke with gentleness and humour about his life and his cats. After the formalities, he was selling – and signing – copies of his books, so I bought “The Cat Who Came in From the Cold”, and Jenny bought “Diana’s Story”. The latter I didn’t think would appeal to me at all, luckily Jenny knew better and bought me a copy at Christmas that year: It’s the only time I’ve ever written to an author to thank him for a book, it’s excellent.

We met Deric again at the Hospital Radio Conference in Manchester – it was the only good thing about that weekend! By then I was an established fan and read all his books up until he dropped off the literary radar a few years back.

This year’s publication – “Paws in the Proceedings” explains the absence. It goes on to talk about the cats who featured in the earlier books – now quite geriatric moggies – and introduces a couple of new furry contenders, as well as updating readers on the goings-on of the human members of the family. I’ve read it in the last couple of days and now I’m going to read it again, which should tell you all you need to know.

If you’ve read the other Deric Longden books, read this one. If you HAVEN’T read the others, then don’t read this one yet – go back to “Diana’s Story”, about Deric’s life with his first wife, and read them in order. The latest one will wait for you, and it’ll be worth it!

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