I had another Southampton-bus-related frustration yesterday.

The bus which takes me to the railway station – nominally the 6:15 from outside McDonalds – was late arriving to start with. Apparently the driver’s ticket machine was playing up and not giving tickets. When that happens on Solent Blue Line busses, there’s no messing about – trips are free, to help make sure the bus runs on time. On Worst First Bus Southampton, everyone gets a little hand-written ticket from the driver.

When you’re planning to catch the 6:30 train, it’s a bit annoying when the bus arrives outside the station at 6:28. I made it, just, but I was so annoyed, the train had got to Winchester before I calmed down enough to fall asleep.

Regular readers will know I’ve written letters of complaint to First Southampton before, and not even had the courtesy of a reply. This time, I’m going to write to someone who styles himself as Southampton City Council’s “Cabinet Member for Transport”, with the delightful name of Gavin Dick. I’ll let you know wha happens.

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