Don’t Bash the (Lady) Bish

The big fuss at the moment – in some circles at least – is the Church of England decision to ordain women as bishops. It was even the vox-pop question in yesterday’s Daily Echo, Southampton’s local “paper”, and a journal that makes the Daily Mail look like a serious newspaper.

Anyway, back to the story – or non-story, as it might better be termed. The church decided to ordain women priests in 1992, and I really can’t believe that it wasn’t obvious then that if women became priests, one day there’d be women bishops. I’ve made clear my opinion on that subject in the past, I don’t care if a priest is male or female – the question of whether they’re a good or bad priest is much more important than what they keep in their trousers, and the same is true, a stage up, with bishops.

But whatever I think, it’s the latest row that threatens to split the Church, coming as it does in the middle of the “gay bishop” row. With the world coming apart and millions starving – not to mention war, genocide, corruption and slavery, much of it with “religion” as an excuse – it’s a pity the main protagonists on both sides of the arguments can’t find something more important to unite them, rather than letting these matters come between them.

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