Another Daily Mail Rant

I haven’t had a rant about the Daily Mail recently.

That’s because I’ve been working through a stack of library books which were almost due back, so I’ve not been needing the Mail for my daily dose of escapist fiction. It’s a bit of a shame because I might have missed some good stuff, although I doubt if much can exceed the “ridiculous” rating of something I spotted in Tuesday’s offering…

Apparently, Britain’s schools are full – absolutely jam packed – with asbestos. The “newspaper” fumes that this asbestos is being left in place, in schools, hospitals and workplaces. They gloss over the fact that asbestos is only hazardous as an airborne dust, and as long as asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are sealed and undamaged, the safest thing to do is to leave them undisturbed, combined with a regular inspection by a competent person to make sure they stay in good condition. If they become damaged, it’s best to just leave them in place and re-seal: Removing ACMs is the worst of all worlds – it releases fibres, creates ACM-contaminated waste (like the protective clothing the removal contractors were wearing), and then it all has to be safely disposed of.

Still, good practice has never been known to get in the way of a rabble-rousing Mail story, has it?

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