Don’t Call Me a Stick-In-The-Mud…

…but I got stuck in the mud – well, Grunty did, anyway.

As you can see.

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t show things very well – the front wheels got through OK, but there was a HUUUUUGE rut in the bottom of the puddle that the back wheels got stuck into – and in spite of four wheel drive, centre diff lock, low ratio and all the tricks in the 4×4 driver’s armoury, in the end the only trick that worked was getting my mate with his Land Rover to pull me out. Still, it was fun! In the middle of this excitement, I sent a rather grumpy text to a friend, explainig what had happened…to which the reply was “think about how you will describe it in your blog this evening!”

I was Raynetting on a sponsored walk in aid of a local children’s hospice, and I HAD asked for a non-off roading checkpoint. I didn’t quite get my wish – the good news that this was on the way back to the road, I’d got in to the checkpoint without too much trouble. Once I’d been towed out and had all four wheels back on tarmac, I headed for a stint working in Control – where at least Grunty had the chance to park in the sun for a while.

You should see the other side.

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