Saturday Job

I had to go to work today.

Yes, working on a Saturday – which was a bit of a poo really, especially as there were plenty of other things I’d rather have been doing. But fair play, I’ve been there a year and this is the first weekend working I’ve done – compared to the last job, where I was usually in, if only for an hour or so, every fourth or fifth Sunday.

So, things I’ve learned about Saturday working:

  • Busses from home to the railway station are rubbish on Saturday: I need to be at the bus stop at six, to get to the station in time for the six thirty train
  • Trains don’t run as often either, and stop at more stations so the journey takes longer. On the other hand, there aren’t many people on so there’s more room.
  • Mungo’s Porridge Shop doesn’t open on Saturdays. Nor does Mungo’s Bacon Sarnie Shop, Mungo’s Other Bacon Sarnie Shop or Mungo’s Breakfast Roll Shop. Amazingly Mungo’s Tanning Emporium DOES open. At eight o’clock on a Saturday morning, who the heck wants a fake tan, but doesn’t want breakfast?
  • The office is really fun when there’s no-one around!

And at least I got home in time to get my stuff sorted for tomorrow. I think I might crack an early night, all the same.

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