Several Courses

Some of you know that my Luvvly Mum has been having leg problems lately.

One of the consequences has been that we haven’t been for a meal at the Mucky Duck lately: today we put that all right, and fabby food was had by…well, both anyway! We had a starter and a main course, and decided that we wouldn’t bother with a dessert. So quite how the cheesecake and Eton mess appeared is anyone’s guess but having got them, we had to eat them didn’t we?

Have you any idea how many calories are in an Eton mess?

Then we hit Sainsbos and did a mahoosive shop – another consequence of the leg thingy is that she hasn’t been able to get to the shops as much as she likes to, so Grunty was pressed into service to do a few weeks worth all in one go :-)

Don’t expect much bloggage tomorrow. Long day Raynetting, so tomorrow’s blog might well consist of Zzzzzzzzzz…

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