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There must be something in the air. The three blogs I’ve read this evening all refer to having blogger’s block, and I was wondering myself what to write. You nearly got “What I Did At Work Today”, and if it bored you half as much as it bored me you’d have soon surfed away to (or something) in search of better entertainment (don’t bother, I’ve just looked, there’s no such site…yet).

But not any more.

I thought I’d check out the Halford’s web site, to see if I needed a special wiring adaptor to fit my CD radio (which I took out of the Primera) into the new car when it comes. Which neatly leads me to the subject of tonight’s rant: WHY IS HALFORDS’ WEBSITE SO SH(‘scuse me, I think that’s Henry’s doorbell)? It’s just told me four times what adaptor I needed to put the radio in a Primera: Not only do I already know that, but I’ve got one! Eventually I persuaded it to explore other models of car, needless to say it wouldn’t acknowledge the existence of the Pajero, so I’ve ordered the Shogun adaptor and hoped it’ll be the same. Then it made me open an account with them, rather than just taking my credit card details and running. The whole experience took half an hour, which I have to admit is rather less than it would have taken to get the same information out of a Halfords assistant. The earliest the adaptor will be with me is next Monday, which neatly answers the question “Shall I install the new radio this weekend?”

And in other news: At lunchtime today I went to the building society to get a cheque* to pay the balance for the car, then on to WH Smith for a magazine called “Fun with your 4×4″. I called in at Poundland while I was in Eastleigh and came away with twelve Penguin bars for a quid…a bargain of Henry the Thirst propotions.

This afternoon at work I ate twelve Penguin bars.

And when I finally reached home this evening, I found Postwoman Peg had excelled herself again: From Amazon she’d brought “Off-Roading in your Four Wheel Drive”, from the Pajero Owners’ Club, the Haynes Manual to the Pajero. From Scottish and Southern Electricity she’d brought my dividend cheque**, which will just about pay for my purchases of lunchtime, and from the Radio Society, an envelope of QSL cards***.

Sadly my cough is still hanging around, so having swigged a dose of cough mixture, I’m off to bed. Night night, one and all.

PS – Ain’t it grand that Omally is back and blogging with us again! Oh, and thanks for the emails, Neil.

*Note to any American readers: This is how people whose first language is English spell the word that you spell “check”

** And again.

***Postcards confirming amateur radio contacts. Some of ‘em are really nice.

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