The Second Green

No, not a golfing blog – rather I’m following Rob’s lead and blogging about saving the planet. I could write about the thing he’s being so mysterious about, ‘cos I’m doing it as well, but we operate an unofficial rule that he who grabs the subject first, keeps it.

So instead, I’ll give you an insight into the green enterprises in the public sector: We’ve always done our bit: Lights that turn off if no-one moves for a set time, printing on both sides of the paper, recycling the plastic cups and all that sort of thing. We’re looking now at energy saving, so the IT department have given us a pop-up when we log off that says “Help reduce our carbon footprint – turn your monitor off overnight”. Which is very laudable, and I’m sure the people who launched the mutiny movement (even though most of ‘em would be too young to know what a movement was1 ) were only joking. But their slogan’s rather funny: Sod the dolphins, I’m leaving mine on!!!

1 Ten house points to anyone except Rockin’ Rob who spots the reference

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