That’s a lovely word, isn’t it? And not only for Scrabble, although it would be pretty fabby on a triple word score.

There’s a barber in London, who opens at eight every morning, never has a queue, and is on my morning walk to work: I guessed it would be more expensive than my usual barber in Southampton, but if it saves losing a Saturday morning queuing, it might be worth it. Needing a haircut – and having no Saturdays free – I decided to give them a try.

Amazingly it isn’t called “Mungo’s Barber Shop” – it’s run by two Polish ladies1, and the name is something I couldn’t pronounce with rather more “z”s than is usual. So we’ll call them the mizzez Mungoze. Anyway, they made a fine job of shearing my tonsure, and only charged me the same as the Southampton bloke! Result :-)

In other news, the Southampton RealTime Bus Information thing (see Monday) is still being honest about its rubbishness.

1 And any jokes about them polishing my bald patch wouldn’t be funny :-(

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