Round Up

So anyway…Sunday morning I was again being an important Raynet person, this time on a triathlon in the New Forest. I was on my first checkpoint at eight o’clock :-( – But I left home a bit earlier than I needed to, so I had time on the way for Two Rivers – Godshill on the way!

Then I stood by the side of the road, chatting to a Californian race marshal called Travis, and watching 500 cyclists going past.

Then I stood by the side of a different road and watched 500 runners go past.

And then I had time for an afternoon caching! There was a little pocket of caches around Fordingbridge that I hadn’t done, including one that I’d previously failed to find, so I headed for them first:
Nuts About Caching
Off The Rails
Yule Log
A Teeny Bit in Suspense – this was the one I’d failed to find on a previous visit, and I thought I was going to repeat the experience. I even went so far as to text my old chum Nobby “the Nobster” Nobbs for a bit of help – and then I spotted it! So that was alright.

Then on the way home I stopped at the car park for the first one of the day, this time for a longer walk, confusingly to another cache also called
Godshill – near to which, I spotted this rather dramatic tree:

And then as I was passing, I stopped for
Woe Betide
on my way to the chinese takeaway!

Today I was due to be visiting friends, but they had to cancel because of illness – it was a shame, but I wasn’t going to waste what turned out to be a nice afternoon! First – and in spite of some rather odd technology problems that I still haven’t really solved – was
Woods Corner, followed by
Duck or Gorse
A Boggy Cache
A Finlay Fix
Great Pines

Then I had an ice cream, and went home :-)

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