Hefty thunderstorms in the Hampshire area today – and at least one friend of mine has lost their broadband connection to a lightning strike :-( . No such problem at Gottle HQ thank goodness – the only effect the storm had on me was that I was out in it and had to scurry for cover in Grunty!

I was busy being an important Raynet person on the Marwell 10k race – sitting in the tail car and watching the back end of the slowest runners! Still, the weather had kept the really slow ones at home so it was soon all over, leaving me free to head for a few caches.

I was hoping for four and that’s what I achieved – although not the four I’d intended. The one I’d planned as number one, I drove straight past – the recommended parking turned out to be an illegal and totally inconsiderate parking spot, so I moved to what had been intended as number two:
I Would Walk 500 Miles, owned by our good chum Esscafe. Plenty of mud on the track, I wish Rob and Sarah had been there – but a nice cache to do.

Then it was on to Hambledon, for a circular walk taking in three caches:
Pop Goes the Cache, which was nice and easy.
Bees Knees Beware of the Trees, which wasn’t easy, and
A Sign of the Times.

Then back to the gym, and home for a chinese takeaway. Another nice day :-)

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