Clear and Present

I was a bit late last night.

The reason being, I’d been giving a talk at the amateur radio club. Although I’m a club member, it was the first time I’d been to a club night for over a year, and I was the guest speaker! Anyway, it went down fairly well, no-one fell asleep or walked out, and I’ve been booked to come back in a couple of months to speak on a different subject – so I’ve got another talk to write. Still, some of us thrive under pressure, eh?

Today was a bit more mundane: I collected the remains of my cache “Test Way 1″ from the kind lady who’d salvaged it, then went and bought some new tyres for Grunty. After lunch I dragged myself into town to renew my bus season ticket – a very efficient process, I wish they were that good at running busses – and went to the gym. Considering it was my first workout for ages, I’m pretty pleased :-)

Oh, and Peter O – “Groan” at your comment on my last post!

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