I called into Tesco Express on the way home from Hospital Radio this evening.

I like a bottle of something fruity on the train in the mornings, and it’s ten pees a bottle cheaper in Tezzies – plus there’s the opportunity to laugh at the chavs who can’t work out how to use the self service checkouts. Although this evening they might have got their own back, had there been any watching.

I collected two bottles of Fanta Still (new range and therefore on sepcial offer), and a peanut KitKat, and headed for the checkout. Swiped my purchases and my Tesco Clubcard, then put my wallet down to use both hands to pay. At which point, a book of stamps slid out of my wallet, slid across the swipy thing…and got swiped.

Luckily the security guard saw it happen, so he believed me when I said I hadn’t just picked them up – although the fact that there’s only two stamps left would’ve helped. Otherwise it might’ve been a “swipe me!” moment.

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