Happy St. George’s Day

Today, of course, has been St George’s day.

Hopefully all of my UK-based readers will know that he’s England’s patron saint: Perhaps less well-known is that he’s also the patron of Portugal, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria Bosnia-Herzegovena, Macedonia and Catalonia.

As if that lot wasn’t enough, he also looks after soldiers, archers (but not The Archers as far as I know), cavalry, saddlery makers, farmers and field workers, and sufferers of plague, leprosy and syphilis. No wonder England’s in a bad way – our patron saint is probably knackered, poor old soul. And of course he wasn’t English in the first place, and I don’t think there’s even any evidence that he visited here. He was a Roman soldier of Turkish descent.

Which at least makes an interesting change to the old question “Apart from roads, sanitation, aqueducts, education and a patron saint, what did the Romans ever do for us?”.

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