I’ve been having some technology issues.

My old PDA – the one I use for caching – links by Bluetooth to the GPS, to give me moving map displays and stuff. It’s really useful, it gives tracks on the map and all sorts of things. Trouble is, at random intervals it stops working, which causes the whole thing to crash and you lose the recorded track log and all that sort of thing.

And my new PDA – the one I use for work – keeps running its battery flat, even when it’s switched off. I’ve tried closing down every bit of software it’s running before I turn it off, but it still does it. Come back after a few hours and the battery’s flat :-(

But thanks to my caching chums, I know some answers. The Bluetooth problem is to do with the version of Bluetooth software that some old PDAs use. It’s not upgradeable, and basically it’s a case of living with it. Thanks Micros***. Oh well, at least I know.

The battery problem on the new PDA is also a Micro***t problem, but at least it’s fixable. There’s a hidden default setting which makes the PDA turn itself on every ten minutes and try to connect to…something! To fix it, you need to open the seekrit way into a hidden menu, but it’s fixable – in fact it appears to be fixed. Thanks for that, Mel :-)

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