A Bit Annoying

The second geocache I ever placed was called “Test Way 1″: It was hidden in a hollow tree base alongside the Test Way. Quite well hidden, I thought, but it kept on getting logs like “I’d never heard of geocaching, but I spotted this as I was passing and read the log book to see what it was all about!”, so obviously not as well hidden as I thought. There was even one log entry signed “The Man Who Cuts the Grass”, and there’s no grass anywhere near there to be cut, so I’m a bit baffled by that one.

Anyway, today I had an e-mail from the caching powers-that-be saying that they’d had an e-mail from a non-cacher who’d found the cache and its contents strewn across the path: They’d recovered it, and taken the container back home: The note included a description of where I could collect the remains from, so I’ll do that tomorrow and write a nice thank-you letter to the finders. It’s a bit annoying when that happens to a cache, but basically you have to accept that when you put a cache out there, that’s going to happen to it sooner or later :-(

All part of life’s rich tapestry – and to be honest it had survived rather longer than I expected – but annoying all the same.

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