Wired for Weird

It’s possible that I had the World’s Weirdest Dream last night: if you don’t want to be weirded, can I suggest you go and look at The Daily Kitten instead?

Anyway, in this dream, I was part of the judging panel for the world’s best microcomputer. So far, so daft, but it was the scoring system that took the biscuit. We each had to pick two computers from the three on offer. Each computer had a number, either 7, 8 or 14. We each added together the numbers for the two we’d selected, and then we were ready for the voting. A supervisor stood at the end of the room shouting out “Base 8! Base 3! Binary! Base 12!” at us, and we had to write down our selections in those bases. When the votes were counted, any number that didn’t convert back to one of the possibilities was disregarded, and the remaining votes counted.

The idea – I’m sure you’ll have worked out for yourselves – was that the quicker and more accurate we were at mental base conversion – and therefore the geekier we were – the greater the weight applied to our votes. Makes sense really.

Tell you what, I’m NEVER eating white Stilton with apricot and ginger at bedtime again!

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