Various Items

In a comment on yesterday’s blog, Jane asked “Why doesn’t your blog go to the top of SimonG’s blog roll when you post?”. For those that don’t know – Simon’s site has a list of blogs which updates every time one of us posts, with the newest blogs at the top, so you can easily tell which blogs have updated since you last read.

Except, as Jane has spotted, mine doesn’t. And I don’t know why, and nor does Simon – we’ve tried everything we can think of, and it still isn’t working, but I suspect it’s something to do with the mucking around by 34sp that I mentioned a few weeks ago.

The other thing for today is – remember I mentioned yesterday that my new sunhat made me look a bit daft? Well, courtesy of this pic by Rockin’ Rob, you can decide: Twit or No Twit? Comments in the usual way, but remember one thing – if I look a twit, at least I look like a twit without a sunburned bald patch!

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