…but first, a correction.

Rich said, in the comment to my blog of yesterday, “There’s absolutely no way that site is comparing your name with 2001 Census material. All 2001 Census individual records are confidential.” And he should know, what with him working for The Office of National Guesswork. In fact, they don’t claim to be using the 2001 census, it’s the 2001 electoral role (sic), so sorry about unintentionally misleading you all there.

And so to today’s offering…

My feet keep getting wet. I suspect that this may be because my shoes each have a big split in the sole.

Y’see, I really have only the one pair of shoes. I’ve got my walking boots, for when I go geocaching, and I’ve got trainers which I wear in the gym. I’ve got another pair of trainers, but I rarely wear them because they’re white and I don’t want to spoil them. So basically, I have this one pair of suede slip-ons that I bought in the Clark’s factory outlet shop when I was on holiday last year.

Jenny, Jenny’s man and I were recently discussing the fact that Jenny has more shoes than anyone really needs: She was saying:
“You have good shoes…???
(I point at my suede slip-ons)
“…work shoes…???
(I point at my suede slip-ons)
“…comfy shoes…???
(I point at my suede slip-ons)
“…going-out shoes…???
(I point at my suede slip-ons)

This went on for some time. The truth is that when it comes to clothes I’m pretty minimalist, and as long as I’ve got a pair of shoes that work, I don’t really see the need for another pair. I’ve got dozens of pairs of shorts, but always wear the same ones – those of you who’ve seen my shorts may say “that explains it???. About the only thing I keep buying is polo shirts – I like polo shirts, and since my employers relaxed their dress code I can wear them to work, so rarely wear anything else, above the waist at least.

In the meantime the splits in the soles of my shoes are growing. Still, I’m on holiday, back near the Clark’s Shopping Village in three weeks. I think they’ll last.

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