Cachepedition: Only Five Months to the Next One!

Well, we’re home.

I’m still working on the mega cachepedition web page so it’ll take a while before you see too much – apart from anything else I’m not likely to get Rob’s pictures until Thursday – but I thought you’d like this one in the meantime. This is a selection of the technology you need for a successful cachepedition: GPSses, PDAs, cameras, telephones (and spare telephones on other networks to give the best chance of getting help in an emergency), a TomTom, reserve power supplies, and of course chargers for all that technology.

Not shown are two laptops (and chargers), a mobile phone-based internet modem, and another camera that was being used to take the picture.

So the summary is, we had a fabby time, found loads of caches, had Rob’s birthday meal out, won a pub quiz, done a lot of walking, got rained, snowed, hailed and sleeted on, got sunburned (and bought a new sunhat that makes me look like a twit), and we can’t wait for the next one!

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