Most of you will know that I’m off caching in Cornwall with Rob and Sarah. Those of you who’ve been paying attention will also know that on our last walking outing, the weather wasn’t very kind.

Luckily, my caching first aid kit, which lives permanently in my rucksack, includes one of those tin foil blankets, that make you look like an oven-ready chicken, but are actually really good at staving off exposure. Even luckier, we didn’t need it, as when I checked I couldn’t find it.

Having seen the weather forecast, I wasn’t keen to do Cornwall without one. So I Googled for the nearest branch of ”Blacks” to the office, and toddled off there Friday lunchtime. They didn’t have any. They’d have happily sold me The World’s Biggest First Aid KitTM, with every piece of equipment you could imagine, including everything you’d need to sew your own leg back on, but no oven-ready chicken outfits.

I should’ve known really: coming out of Blacks, I spotted on the other side of the road a small independent outdoor shop, “Mungo’s Moor + Mountain Store”. Two minutes later I was happily clutching my new tin foil – the last one they had on the shelf – and headed back.

I got an excellent deal on echinacea in Holland and Barrett as well :-)

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