Missing Virgin

I’ve had an old mobile phone hanging around the place for ages.

As some of you will be sick of hearing by now, we’re off to Cornwall for a week’s caching this Saturday. Now Cornwall is very pretty, but it’s the land where mobile phone signals go to die, so we thought it’d be a cunning wheeze to unlock my spare mobile and stick in a Pay As You Go SIM, on a network none of us currently have, to give us an extra chance of being able to talk to the world. A wheeze so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it Blackadder…or something like that, anyway.

So anyway, I had the phone unlocked at a dodgy-looking shop in a northern town. Several years ago, Virgin Mobile sent me a free PAYG sim card, and none of us are on Virgin, so the plan was to drop that sim into the phone, activate it for a month, and away we go. Which would be fine, if I could find the card :-(

So at lunchtime today, I toddled along to Mungo’s Mobile Phone Shop and got what seemed like a good deal on a sim card. I’ll let you know.

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