The Bells Are Ringing

I spent last night in a rather nice hotel in a little old Northern town.

The office I was working in today was literally a stroll across the car park, so I went to bed celebrating the fact that this morning, I could have a long leisurely lie-in – this is really good news when for most of your working life you have to start the day with a two and a half hour commute.

Which is why I was especially annoyed when the fire alarm went off at quarter to sodding six this morning :-( .

So now I’m in a different little old northern town – Leeds to be precise – for the wonderful Spring hospital radio conference. The evening has been spent chatting with chums, and dare I say spinning the odd scheme or two – of which more in due course I have no doubt! Internet access is, as usual, about a million pounds a minute, so I doubt of Gottle’s blog will get updated much for the next few days!

G’night maties.

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