Dartmoor 2008

So – we did a caching expedition on Dartmoor! I’ll put together a proper gallery page once we’ve shared our pictures, but in the meantime there’re a few of my efforts at the bottom of this entry – including a very cute cat, to keep the non-cachers reading!

We stayed at the very fabby Hunters Lodge B+B in Dartmeet, on the south of the moor: Saturday was cold, wet and foggy, but that didn’t stop us doing…
Little Staple Tor
Middle Staple Tor
Sett Maker’s Bank
Stationary S-tor-e
Tors of Dartmoor – Roos Tor
Zara’s Pot of Gold
Rock around the Cox 2
Rock around the Cox 1
Wooden Launder

And then after lunch…

Pirates of Princetown – yarrr!
Road to Nowhere, where we rescued a travel bug that had been dumped alongside the cache because it wouldn’t fit inside.
Devon Bridges 4 – Oakery Bridge
Devon Bridges 3 – Lower Cherrybrook Bridge
Combestone Tor, a cache hidden in a crawl hole in the rocks – we all had a go, but it was Rob who retrieved it, at great expense to his dodgy knee.
Yet Another Bench Mark – Saddle Bridge
Devon Bridges 2 – Hexworthy Bridge

And that was only Saturday! We’d made a big push on day one because we were all hoping to hit milestone numbers over the weekend and wanted the “big one” to be something a bit good :-)

So Sunday started with
Hart Tor, Rob and Sarah’s 500th and my 900th! We gave up on searching for Alphabet Challenge X – a microcache hidden in a boulder field with a rubbish clue – and moved on to
Aqueduct, which was much nicer.
Indian Head and
Devil’s Bridge completed the morning.

After lunch we just had time for some cache-and-dashes before we headed for home:
Devon Bridges 5 – Upper Cherrybrook Bridge
Yet Another Bench Mark – Lock’s Gate and
Poundsgate, a cache owned by our chum Lord Hutton, although we didn’t realise that at the time – I suppose it being outside a pub should’ve given it away!

There’s much more I could tell you about, including our new pastime of Spot the Minibus – it seemed like every school and college which uses Dartmoor for its D of E expeditions was out this weekend. Oh, and Sarah’s new nickname, although on that subject I’ll just say – Sarah, I knew it was Rob all along ;-)

And on to those pictures:

Fudge break on Saturday morning. This isn’t a trick shot, it really was that foggy.

Rob got even wetter doing “Combestone Tor” than he’d been before.

We promised no more pics of Rob throwing Sarah in some mud – so here’s Rob throwing Sarah in the river instead. We’d just done Saturday’s last cache, “Hexworthy Bridge”.

The view from my room in the B+B on Sunday morning. If you imagine this taken from ten feet further left, that’s the view from Rob and Sarah’s room.

A rather rubbish group shot. We’d just done our milestone cache.

This rather pretty water feature is near our only fail-to-find of the weekend. We liked the view anyway.

Close to “Aqueduct”. These controlled streams – called “leats” – were built to supply power to 18th century industry such as flagstone-making and lead mining on the moor. It’s quite fun to see them bridging each other though!

As promised, a cute cat. We met this regal lady in the Tavistock Arms, close to our final cache, “Poundsgate”. We were warned she was a bit bad-tempered, and we saw her scratch a child who didn’t know when to stop petting her! She likes teasing dogs as well.

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