Matters Arising

Regular readers will no doubt recall that a couple of weeks ago, I lost my mobile phone while unsuccessfully searching for the geocache “Cache with Stile???. Since then, four cachers have failed to find the cache, so it looks as if it’s been stolen, and while I don’t feel such a numpty – there’s no shame in not finding a cache that isn’t there – it’s flippin’ annoying that people feel the need to nick geocaches.

Caches going missing isn’t unknown – indeed, my own cache “Waterside Wander??? (the link is over there on the left) went missing not long after it was first planted, and I replaced it with another in almost, but not quite, the same place. I’m amazed that “A Walk In The Park??? has stayed unmolested for so long, since it must have been spotted by one of the council gardeners by now. On New Year’s Day this year I took two friends geocaching, and the first one we went after had been stolen.

Oh, and my mobile phone was found by one of the unsuccessful hunters, and although I’ve now replaced it, we’ve made arrangements for him to return it to me. Being geocachers, it’s a rather roundabout method so it could be a while before I get it back!

Sometime this week, I hope to finish a big multi-cache that I started last Friday – but more about that if and when it happens!

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