Sunny Afternoon

My boss had a little moan at me the other day.

Apparently, when I do long days like I did on Monday, I’m supposed to book the extra time and get it back, not just swallow it in my own time. How different life is, in the public sector, eh? So just to keep her happy, this afternoon I finished at three o’clock :-) . For reasons that would be a bit complicated to a non-cacher, I didn’t want to do a cache this afternoon, so I’d decided to hop on the earliest available train home and go to the gym.

And I would’ve done, if I hadn’t had a crashing headache when I got home :-( . So I went and slept for an hour, then made some shortbread for next weekend. Which seems to have got Rob a bit excited, if his reaction on MSN is anything to go by.

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