Apologies to those of you who’ve had difficulties locating Gottle’s Bloggy Goodness this week.

34sp – who own the server which is Gottleblog’s home – have changed their service terms, which means that the old address – will stop working. The new address is – I know, it’s rubbish isn’t it? 34sp promised that people using the old address would automatically see the new address for at least a month, to give site owners the chance to tell all their users – as some of you have discovered, this auto-forward is varying between “intermittent” and “non-existent”.

If you currently have a link on your website, or in your favourites, to, please change it to 1 – it’ll work then, and when I move to a different host to get away from 34sp’s idea of customer service, it’ll keep working. In the meantime, if you find a link within the site that doesn’t work, please be patient – I’m sorting them as quickly as I can.

1 Jenny – I’ve already sorted the link on your web page :-)

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