You’ll excuse me if I’m a bit distracted at the moment…there’s much excitement going on over in the chatroom (Omally is about to behead Simon); An eBay auction that I hope to win ends in a few moments, and my neighbours have just learned the hard way that their new motor-caravan won’t go through their back driveway gates!

Anyway, in all the excitement of other things going on, I didn’t tell you that I went geocaching last Friday, doing a big multi-puzzle cache around Winchester. Because I was due to do a talk at the Radio Club, I ran out of time to finish it off, and I went back tonight after work. The cache is called Winchester Treasure Hunt, and while I can’t say too much, because it would give too much away to anyone reading who hasn’t done it yet, I puffed up and down a nice couple of hills!

Because I’m too cheap to park in the middle of Winchester and pay 1.50, I parked in a free car park at the foot of St Catherine’s Hill, and had a nice riverside walk into the City. I took this pic near where I was parked:

Night night all.

(PS…I won the eBay auction and am now the proud owner of a sea magnet…watch this space)

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