Southampton, Southampton – It Used to be My Kind of Town

Grunty Gruntmobile had her MOT today.

I’d chosen a garage in the town centre, the rationale being that I could deliver her at opening time, go for some breakfast in one of Southampton’s numerous eateries, then mooch round the shops until she was ready to go. I arrived as planned, and headed off to the cafe in the Bargate Centre. Which apparently only sells things like baguettes, paninis and cold meats and salad :-(

“Never fear”, I thought to myself, “for not far away is one of my favourite food places, the cafe on top of John Lewis’s’s’s’s’s”. Which would have been great, had it been open that early in the day. There’s a food court in the same shopping centre, but open options at that time were Unlucky Fried Kitten, McNasty, or Luigi’s Breakfast Experience de Italia. I quite like Italian food, but not at half past eight in the morning.

Woolworths used to have a restaurant which did all-day breakfasts – but where Woolies used to be is now a building site for a new T K Maxx store. And by now the pangs of hunger were starting to bite a bit.

I ended up at Thyme in the Marlands Centre (Jenny – you’ll remember it as Brophy’s), where I got a proper fried brekkie and a cup of coffee so thick the spoon stood up in it, for four squids. So it wasn’t all a failure – but what’s happened to Southampton? There used to be so many cafes and breakfast bars that you had a major choice: I suppose the fact that I was the only customer using any of them is the giveaway, people aren’t using these places so they’re not staying open. People of Southampton AWAKE! And start using your local services. Or the next time you want a good filling breakfast, you might be stuck with an anaemic bread substitute with some cole slaw in it.

Oh, and my Bank of Toytown security device arrived. It’s rubbish. Still, I’ve paid Marie what she was waiting for (and J&C, you owe me!)

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