Thanks to everyone for their helpful guidance following yesterday’s little moan about Braclay’s Bonk: Rich of March House is probably right, these things are likely to be the way of the future and whichever bank I’m with, I’m going to end up using one. And if someone as savvy as Rich is happy with the security aspects, I guess I should be too. I just wish they didn’t look like something out of the Early Learning Centre…

My main moan was and is with the customer service aspect of the whole debacle: I’ve got someone waiting for me to pay them money – over 300, so it’s reasonable that I’d wait until the last moment to pay, waiting till after I’d been paid or whatever. Then just when I’m relying on the convenience and immediacy of internet banking, they tell me I’ve got to wait a week while they send me some stupid gadget that looks like a Toys R Us “My First Calculator”.

At this stage in my research, it looks like I’ll be opening a Nationwide current account. They pay a decent rate of interest, and the only significant downside appears to be the unauthorised overdraft charge, which shouldn’t be a factor. I’m old fashioned enough to be not totally happy with internet-only banking, and Nationwide have a branch close to home, and they’re the nearest bank branch to work.

More research needed – watch this space.

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