In spite of Rob’s comment, I’m quite glad I missed Basingstoke last night. My throat was still rough when I got up this morning and I hadn’t slept as well as I could. Still, I’d agreed to go and work on the Meon Valley Plod, so off I went.

It was a fantastic day – the ice was over an inch thick on some of the puddles, but the sunshine was glorious. There were paragliders over Small Down, visible from checkpoint one, and towards the end of the afternoon there were a couple of hot air balloons overhead. And I took Grunty offroad, over Teglease Down :-)

The bad news was that I didn’t get to the caching chums meet, which was only a couple of miles away. I got held up on the event, and by the time I phoned Sally-J to see if the meet was still going on, it wasn’t.

I did find a cache on the way to the race, though! Wild West End is a fun little puzzle, and a lovely location.

Koff koff

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