Well that didn’t work quite how I intended…

I had to go to Hospital Radio this evening, as I was on duty as the locking-up keyholder – but with m’colleague Rockin’ Rob on a three-line-whip to attend some kind of Valentine celebration with his lady, I wasn’t doing a show. So I resolved to take the lappytoppy and get some useful stuff done – a bit of programme preparation, some work on a talk I’ve got to do in six weeks time (ulp!), and maybe even finish the minutes of the meeting six weeks ago – double ulp.

Except that during an exchange of texts this afternoon, Rob told me how to do various clever things at the studio that I’ve been meaning to learn for some time. So: amount of faffing about – sorry, I mean “practising new techniques” done: Plenty. Amount of useful stuff done: Rather less than plenty.

Still, the good news is I’m feeling much better today, thanks :-)

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