Brrm Brrm

Hi chums – just a brief blogette today I’m afraid. I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish, sore throat and sneezy and all that kind of thing. So an early night is going to be the order of the day…errm, night…at Gottle HQ.

But I must just reflect on the news that’s keeping the nation’s capital buzzing. To the existing congestion charge has been added an emissions charge – “gas guzzlers” entering the congestion charge zone will pay a total of 25 a day, compared to the 8 fee for most cars.

The new charge has been heralded as a tax on urban 4x4s. I don’t know why it’s so fashionable to hate 4x4s, but anyway – the funny thing is that a lot of ordinary family cars will be hit by the charge, including several models of Vauxhall Zafira and Vectra, Honda Accord and Volvo V70. And even funnier is that in the unlikely event that I take her to central London, dear old Grunty Gruntmobile – being over 7 years old and under 3000cc – is exempt :-)

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