Today I didn’t go geocaching after work, nor did I have a church meeting, and it isn’t my Hospital Radio night until tomorrow. I went to work, but as usual nothing exciting happened there (except for the shetland pony from head office, who came to see me and waltzed off with a ream of confidential paperwork that isn’t supposed to go off the premises.

I did go to the gym, but apart from a go on the treadmill until my knee gave out, followed by ten minutes in the steam room, not much happened there either.

So, dear reader (and this is where the story really starts), since there’s nothing to see here, go and read Henry the Thirst’s blog instead. I know some of you will have done so already, but some of my readers don’t, normally. It needs to be read.

Oh, and a big “up” to Mark the Buddhist: I should have been seeing him and June this weekend, but Mark’s Dad has an infection, and Mark’s at that stage in his chemo where he can’t risk infection, so they’re wisely staying at home.

You still all here? GO AND READ HENRY!

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