I Promised you Some Photographs…

…of our day out caching on Sunday. I’ve woken up a bit now so I’ve managed to sort them out…

Wasn’t it a lovely sunny day? We spotted a highland cow on our way to the first cache. That’s Old Winchester Hill in the background.

While Rob reads a book he found in the cache, Sarah fills in the log book. This was at the cache “Conkers Bonkers”

We promised Sarah, “No more pictures of Rob throwing Sarah in some mud”. So here’s a picture of Rob dropping Sarah in some mud.

Oh look, there’s Old Winchester Hill again. This is toward the end of the afternoon, while I was trying to shake off a headache caused by the bright sunshine!

Here’s the best of my pics of a tree at sunset. I expect Rob’s are rather better, but I haven’t seen them yet.

This was Rob’s lunch. He cooked it himself. In case it isn’t clear from the picture, this is what it looked like before he ate it.

And this was my evening meal in the Queens Head. It was every bit as fabby as it looks – and that isn’t gravy, it’s barbecue sauce. Oh, and for anyone wondering about my diet, I ate Rob’s salad as well as my own :-)

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